Practicable Solutions for Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset

Your employees are your most valuable asset. Keep them safe from asbestos, injury and other risks with Eosh Consulting’s smart, practicable and cost-effective safety and hygiene solutions.


Perth Health and Safety Consultants with International Expertise

Conceived in 2011, Eosh Consulting Pty Ltd is a trusted name when it comes to occupational health, safety and hygiene consultancy services. Throughout Perth, we help organisations across all sectors meet the growing challenges of public and workforce safety, including environmental protection and social responsibility.

We provide a personal yet professional approach with a strong focus on client relationships. While remaining objective, we consider your problems as our problems and your safety as our safety to provide you with the best solutions.

With the combined expertise of our workplace safety and environmental consultants, we’ve helped Perth’s commercial organisations, local and federal governments as well as mining and offshore oil and gas enterprises.


Think of us as your partner in safety and regulations compliance. Through our consultants and partnerships in the Asia Pacific Region, Eosh Consulting provides a wide range of workplace safety and occupational hygiene services in Perth.

Asbestos removal

Eosh Consulting is proud to be recognised as the industry leader in asbestos removal, testing and inspections. Read more…


When it comes to risk management you wont find a better organisation that can handle your project than Eosh Consulting. Connect with us today. Read more…


As well as posing threats to health & the environment, contamination also potentially deters investment & development. Read more…


Occupational health & hygiene survey is a detailed systematic investigation what may adversely affect the health, safety of the work force. Read more…

Risk Managment Eoch Consulting

Asbestos Survey and Testing

We have some of the most experienced asbestos consultants and occupational hygienists in Perth and Australia. We can help you in all areas of asbestos management, from identifying asbestos-containing materials to determining the best course of action for the public and your employees. LEARN MORE

Asbestos Removal

Eosh Consulting offer asbestos removal and environmental remediation services to Perth’s businesses and organisations, including residential apartment developments. Our removalists are qualified to handle any asbestos-containing materials, leaving you with a clean and safe property. LEARN MORE

Contaminated Land

We offer specialist assessment and remediation of contaminated sites. Our consultants’ international experience and extensive knowledge of local regulations and guidelines allow us to deal with the most complex scenarios in an efficient, cost-effective, safe and ultimately compliant manner. LEARN MORE

Occupational Hygiene

We offer occupational health and hygiene surveys that help minimise or eliminate hazardous conditions with control measures that are smart, cost-effective and practical. Our occupational hygienists are experienced with both full, comprehensive workplace surveys and investigations of key areas. LEARN MORE

Asbestos Services Perth

Safety Management

Our OHS consultants are experts at developing and implementing comprehensive safety management programmes in businesses and organisations of all sorts. You can rely on our safety management experts from identifying risks in the workplace to programme development, including implementation and training.LEARN MORE

Finding Solutions for the Most Complex Scenarios

Eosh Consulting finds solutions for a wide range challenges in different environments, from properties accessible by the public to the most complex, and inherently sensitive work sites.


With a team of seasoned environmental consultants, we provide Perth’s property developers, owners and managers with a multi-disciplined approach in complying with environmental regulations and mitigating environmental liabilities.


Our workplace safety consultants are experienced in working with various industries in Perth, Australia and the Asia Pacific. We work with our clients’ property, operations and maintenance teams in developing sound action plans.


BOSIET verified, we service oil and gas platforms and marine vessels. Our team of vetted field surveyors, analysts, project managers and supervisors are qualified to monitor and safely remove all types of hazardous materials in operating vessels and platforms.

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