Asbestos-Removal-and-Disposal-199x300Eosh conducts reviews of appointed contractors and employ a rigorous on-site and off-site auditing process to ensure that works are being conducted in accordance with the agreed methodologies and are in accordance with Codes of Practice and appropriate and best practices. Audits and inspections are conducted throughout the removal process with regular updates provided to the client.

Asbestos waste, including those items such as disposable personal protective equipment utilised in its removal, is required to be transported and disposed of in accordance with state and territory legislative requirements and guidelines. A license to carry and dispose of the asbestos materials is required in some states and territories.

Some states and local disposal authorities also require prior approval and notification for the transport and disposal of asbestos waste at some sites. They also impose restrictions on the types and volumes of asbestos permitted to be disposed, as well as the way in which the materials are contained for transport and disposal.