Asbestos Disposal in PerthUnder Workplace Health & Safety regulations an employer of staff and contractors now known as a person conducting a business or undertaking is required to conduct an asbestos survey or hazardous materials (Hazmat) survey to identify asbestos and other hazardous materials in the workplace. The survey forms part of an asbestos or hazardous materials management plan which must be developed and maintained for
all workplaces to document management materials are present.

New WHS Harmonisation laws mean greater fines for failure to comply with WHS legislation.

Eosh Consulting has demonstrated expertise and experience in providing complete solutions to asbestos and hazardous materials management, developing comprehensive and compliant management plans and strategies for our clients.


The asbestos survey or Hazmat survey is performed in order to identify the location, type and condition of asbestos and other hazardous materials and conduct a risk assessment to determine what controls if any may be required to be implemented. All surveys are conducted in accordance with Australian Standards with consideration of local legislative requirements in whichever country these may be undertaken.

Surveys fall into two main types;

  • Management or compliance
  • Refurbishment or demolition

These differ in scope dependent on the intended future use of the site. Eosh provides advice on the most appropriate type of survey for our clients projects, through consultation during the survey planning process.

Management Plans

Once the initial asbestos survey is completed, the results are reviewed and used as the basis for the development and implementation of an Asbestos Management Plan (AMP). This plan clearly outlines what materials are contained within the premises / structure, what controls are to be implemented to reduce the likelihood of exposure and the roles and responsibilities of personnel involved in managing the asbestos risk. Also included within the AMP are details of the requirements for training and education and any monitoring or health surveillance.

Eosh will assist with the formulation of an Action Plan within the AMP, which is used to schedule future remediation activities, periodic procedural review and monitoring of identified asbestos materials as required by state and federal legislation. The Action Plan can also be used to maintain progress towards creating an asbestos free workplace, which should be the ultimate goal of all stakeholders.

Asbestos in Maritime Workplaces

Use of asbestos containing products is still widespread throughout the world and as a result, the approach to asbestos management in maritime workplaces differs significantly in some respects to that of other workplaces, especially the requirements for removal and disposal of materials. This can directly and significantly impact operators and owners of marine vessels with planned operations within Australian Australian waters. For a definite advantages to Eosh Consulting conducting an asbestos survey as early as possible.