EOSH is proud to be recognized as a leading provider of integrated asbestos risk management solutions. From Perth asbestos inspection and testing, air monitoring, management plans, expert witness support to asbestos removal project management we can provide it all.

Our team has some of the most experienced consultants in industry, nationally recognized for their expertise and provide their knowledge to assist you in all areas of asbestos management.

Asbestos: Hazardous and Banned Construction Material

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral. Its fibres have a high tensile strength and a thermal tolerance of 400 degrees Celsius, making it ideal as a building material. It can be found in roofing, flooring, insulations, wall cladding, gaskets, adhesives, and any form of cement.

Unfortunately, asbestos is now regulated by Safe Work Australia (SWA) due to its hazardous nature. In fact, it is now prohibited as a construction material, which means it must be removed by licensed experts, such as our team at EOSH Consulting.

We do asbestos risk assessment, including asbestos inspection and testing in Perth, to help clients meet all regulatory requirements. We visit client sites and sample any suspected materials for analysis.

Comprehensive Range of Asbestos Services

EOSH offers our clients a comprehensive range of service for dealing with asbestos and its related issues including:

  • Advising on the requirements for asbestos surveys, management systems and plans.
  • Providing advice on the most efficient method of managing asbestos in properties or portfolios.
  • Intranet based asbestos management solutions.
  • Asbestos removal advice, management and compliance.
  • Guidance on the preparation of control measures and the implementation of asbestos management procedures – a service that allows you to budget sensibly for future asbestos works while fulfilling your duty of care to staff and public.
  • Preparation of Scope of Works and Specifications on your behalf as part of the tender process.
  • Evaluation of contractors tender submissions and Method Statements.
  • Defining project design and the structure of the project team.
  • Expert testimonial and support for legal proceedings.
  • Training

Highly Trained In-House Team

We have an in-house team trained to conduct top-class asbestos survey and testing in Perth, identifying the presence of asbestos in environments and evaluating the risks it poses in detail. We then advise clients on any remedial action, and coordinate the removal of the material or develop management programs for asbestos.

We strongly recommend to let the experts and licensed specialists handle such a potentially dangerous project.

If you suspect that your property houses asbestos, contact our friendly team at EOSH Consulting today.