Eosh regularly conducts monitoring of potentially harmful impacts from the workplace including dust, fumes, biological and chemical elements both airborne and in water outlets, systems and storage containers.

Services can range from monitoring of a single element known or suspected to be a potential hazard through to investigation and audit of activities and processes in the workplace to determine potentially harmful elements and their comparison to the relevant exposure standard. Eosh provides the data gathered from this monitoring as well as offering guidance on ways of reducing risk of exposure as low as reasonably practicable.

Eosh establishes a monitoring regime most appropriate to the workplace and where required, a fully comprehensive monitoring program is developed in accordance with international best practice and local legislative requirements to best meet the requirements and statutory obligations of the client.

Indoor Air Quality

Eosh can conduct a baseline assessment of a buildings Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) to help provide peace of mind to the buildings occupants.

It is important that indoor air quality is of a sufficient standard to ensure the adequate protection of human health and well-being and is especially important where work practices involve a high percentage of the workforces time being spent indoors.

Occupants of all workplaces including factories, warehouses, industrial sites and even office premises are at risk from poor indoor air quality which can be caused by the presence of atmospheric pollutants. These pollutants can be present due to production processes which release the pollutants to the atmosphere but are also due to poor ventilation, poor air recycling and a reduction in fresh airflow.

Those exposed to poor air quality in the workplace can suffer from mild and generally non-specific symptoms such as headaches, drowsiness and irritancy but dependent on the airborne pollutant have also been known to suffer from severe health effects such as asthma, allergic response and be at risk of contracting various forms of cancer.