Eosh Consulting Offers Top Notch Asbestos Air Monitoring Services

Asbestos air monitoring is something that should not be taken lightly. It is extremely important to employ a consultant when materials that contain asbestos are being removed.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral and is made up of fine fibres that are usually microscopic. It was widely used in in all sorts of building materials. Through further study, it has been proved to have caused certain illnesses and other types of cancers. That is why it has been common practice to employ a certain type of air monitoring in Perth to ensure everyone’s safety.

Eosh Consulting can do several types of asbestos air monitoring. They can do control monitoring, personal exposure monitoring, and disturbed soil fibre respirability test.

What is Control Monitoring?

With control monitoring, air monitoring consultants at Eosh consulting will measure the level of airborne asbestos fibre in an area. This will also test if the control measures in place are effective. This is usually required when asbestos is being removed in a particular area.

What is personal exposure monitoring?

There are several instances when personal exposure monitoring can be done. One example would be to perform air monitoring Perth in an area where asbestos has been identified. With monitoring the area, risks are assessed and will be managed accordingly. This type of asbestos air monitoring procedure is also done during an asbestos clearance inspection. With this air monitoring Perth, it will confirm if the area is safe for people and if they can re-enter a particular area.

What is disturbed soil fibre respirability test?

Asbestos Air MonitoringThis type of asbestos test is usually done during mining activities. During these activities, there is a possibility that asbestos fibre will be drilled and will be released into the air. As such, it is important that the soil that contains asbestos will not be disturbed to prevent the unnecessary release of asbestos fibre in the air.

Eosh Consulting offers different services relating to asbestos. They do not only do air monitoring in Perth but also other services as well. They can do asbestos removal, asbestos survey and testing, asbestos clearance and inspection among others.

They have expert consultants who are highly-equipped to deal with any type of asbestos air monitoring. They can offer your company a risk management solution that would specifically cater to your business needs and ensure everyone’s safety in the workplace.

If you need to have asbestos removed, they have a team of skilled individuals who can do the job safely for you. Or if you just need to have a particular area tested and surveyed for the presence of asbestos, they are qualified to do that as well. You can trust that they follow strict procedures in dealing with any type of air monitoring Perth.

Eosh consulting has a team of experienced consultants who can give professional advice regarding asbestos surveys and asbestos management plans. They have years of experience in the field that is why you can be assured that they can carry out the task at hand.

Several companies from different industries and backgrounds have already employed their services. Industrial, mining, and maritime sectors are only a few of the industries that they have dealt with in the past. Today, they continue to provide world-class services for these sectors.

Aside from asbestos air monitoring in Perth, Eosh Consulting offers other services such as: occupational health and hygiene survey, and also workplace safety management. They make sure that they meet every expectation and abide by stringent safety rules in the workplace.

When in the market looking for consultant, trust only Eosh Consulting. They will make sure that everyone’s safety is their utmost priority. They make no shortcuts and ensure that every little thing is done right the first time. Strict measures and guidelines are followed each time they carry out a task like asbestos air monitoring in Perth. You can never go wrong with Eosh consulting. Several companies have already trusted them and continue to trust them for their various needs when it comes to asbestos monitoring and other asbestos-related services. To make sure that you only get the best possible service for your company and your employees, enlist Eosh Consulting as your air monitoring consultant today. Do not put your employee’s safety at stake. Trust only experts with years of experience in asbestos monitoring and testing. Call Eosh Consulting today to discuss their different risk management solutions that will best fit your company’s needs.

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