How Exposed are You? Different Levels of Asbestos Exposure You Need to Know

Asbestos ExposureHomes and other buildings built before 1980 may contain asbestos — heat-resistant materials made of certain fibres and minerals that can cause cancer and other illnesses. You can find asbestos fibres in old ceilings, floor tiles, roofs, sidings, and other insulating materials. Today in Australia, only professionals are allowed to remove asbestos from any building. But unfortunately, even those who don’t work with this material directly can still be exposed to it and may become at risk for serious diseases.

Here are the different levels of asbestos exposure you should know about:

Occupational Asbestos Exposure

Those who had been in contact with asbestos while at work during the ‘80s are susceptible to developing a rare lung cancer known as pleural mesothelioma. It often takes 20 to 50 years for pleural mesothelioma to develop after the individual’s first exposure to asbestos. So, unfortunately, those who worked in construction, power plants, shipyards, and other hazardous working environments in the ‘80s are likely to suffer from the rare lung cancer.

Secondary Asbestos Exposure

Men who worked with asbestos without any proper protection may bring toxic fibres home on their dirty clothes. So, the wives and other family members of these workers are at risk of asbestos exposure, as well.

Environmental Asbestos Exposure

Environmental asbestos exposure is any indirect exposure to the said materials. People who live in older homes or buildings are at risk of ingesting or inhaling the possible asbestos deposits from their roof, floor, and other areas.

Out of the three levels of exposure, the environmental asbestos exposure is the easiest to handle. If you suspect that asbestos is in your old property, call the professionals and get them to test and if found have the asbestos removed immediately. This way, you can ensure the safety and health of your family or staff members.

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