Land Contamination: Australia’s Alarming Problem

Contaminated Land Area in AustraliaLand contamination is a long-standing environmental problem in Australia, as well as other countries all over the world. In addition to causing major environmental concerns, contaminants found in soil, such as asbestos and mercury, can lead to serious health issues. In rural areas, contaminated soil means a compromised quality of crops and food for livestock, which, in turn, causes premature death in cattle, pigs and other animals.

Australian cities are facing economic and development deterrents, due to land contamination. News of contamination of land areas have surfaced in recent months, alarming residents in both urban and rural Australia.

Radioactive Cows in Werribee

In late February, sixty radioactive cow carcases were found in Werribee, Southwest Melbourne. The cows were from the 775-hectare animal testing facility in the area, an Old State Research Farm. Authorities suspected that the facility, with its use of tracer dyes as a means of animal testing, might have caused widespread soil and water contamination with its processes.

Cleaning up of the 60 carcases reportedly amounted to over $300 million and could probably hamper the government’s deal with a Chinese consortium looking to build new educational facilities in the area.

Enrolment Surge in Infill Areas

The NSW Government is struggling to keep up with the demands for schools, as Sydney faces a once-in-a-generation enrolment surge in infill areas. The development of new venues for schools, however, is delayed by a lack of urgency in addressing the lack of resources to accommodate enrolees, as well as the contamination of land properties, which still need to be subject to environmental inspections before any construction project can commence.

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