Asbestos Disposal in Perth Why it Should be Done Properly

Asbestos is a fibrous material made from silica that was widely used as fireproofing and insulation material during the 20th century. It comes from naturally occurring silicates such as amosite, crocidolite, and chrysotile. Furthermore, it has certain useful qualities such as great fire resistance, good insulator, strong, resistance to chemical attacks, and flexibility. However, asbestos…

Asbestos Testing

Eosh Consulting Experts in Asbestos Removal in Perth

Eosh Consulting is fully licensed to do asbestos removal in Perth. We hold all the right certification with regards to a contract-base asbestos removal and offer different kinds of services with respect to any asbestos related issue. Asbestos removal is very sensitive and can only be handled by trained and specialized personnel. Supervisors and operatives hold…


Eosh Consulting Specializes in Noise Measurement in Perth

Eosh Consulting specializes in different kinds of environmental noise and vibration measurement, control and analysis. High quality engineered noise measurement in Perth include: Vibration measurements Field noise Acoustic surveys Noise evaluations and studies Noise measurements such as traffic noise Source noise Services include: Inventories on the different types of noise control materials Professional installation service…