Occupational-Health-and-Hygiene-Surveys-300x199The Occupational Health & Hygiene Survey is a detailed systematic investigation carried out within a workplace to determine the nature and extent of any conditions of a physical, biological or chemical nature that may adversely affect the health, safety and well-being of the workforce. The information collected by surveillance is essential to the development and execution of control measures for minimizing or eliminating hazardous conditions as low as reasonably practicable.

Key hygiene issues currently being scrutinized by regulatory authorities include noise, vibration, illumination, airborne dust, welding fumes and the thermal environment.

Eosh offers services to meet our clients requirements whether this is a full and comprehensive survey of the workplace taking into account all of the production processes already in place or investigation of a specified area known or suspected to be an issue. Whether a process is long established or has been newly developed and implemented to meet the requirements of a specific project, Eosh can determine the level of investigation required and identify potential hazards. The risk of delays to projects or production can be minimised by identifying these hazards as early as practicable in the project life cycle to allow for contingency and remedial works to be undertaken. Eosh surveys and investigations are linked to our contaminant monitoring services as well as our Workplace Safety Audits, providing cost effective total solutions to workplace monitoring.