Reasons Behind Increasing Asbestos Imports


Australia has issued a nationwide ban on the use, manufacture and importation of asbestos since 2003. This ban gave rise to policies on prohibiting imported asbestos and prosecuting importers with heavy fines. Unfortunately, the free trade has left Australia vulnerable to asbestos contamination from countries with lax government regulations towards the use of asbestos.

The rise of asbestos contaminated products mostly comes from China in the form of construction materials. There are also houses that were unnoticed and undetected in the 1980s Commonwealth cleanup. In recent years, some Australian government and hospital building constructions were stopped or under investigation due to suspected asbestos contamination.

Factors Contributing to the Asbestos Rise

So, why are asbestos imports still on the rise in the presence of strict policies? One of the many reasons is due to the China-Australian free trade agreement. This agreement allows China, which currently does not have asbestos regulation, to trade their asbestos products to Australia.

Other factors are the unreliable certification and asbestos testing procedures from China. Some products are labeled ‘asbestos-free’, but actually contain small amounts of asbestos. This shows the inefficiency and lack of resources in the regulation of asbestos imports.

Beyond Government Control

There are currently many ways to source building and construction products outside the control of the government. Online sources such as certain e-commerce platforms now supply various products that do not have government certification. Buyers face higher risk of receiving products that are contaminated with asbestos.

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