Safety management is important. Failure to develop and enforce robust safety policies and risk controls can lead to accidents, as well as significant costs – including company fines, and costs related to absenteeism, personal liability, downtime, and even reputational damage.

EOSH Consulting delivers first class safety management programs that identify, mitigate and prevent risks in the workplace. We have a team of safety management experts that employ a systematic process that can change a client’s safety culture. Blending safety with productivity, we have become the go-to name in the risk prevention industry.

Experienced Professionals in Safety Management

We pride in our expert team, which is comprised of people more experienced in process safety management than those in any other consulting firm in the area. They use a combination of personal and professional approach to business; they also have a strong focus on developing and maintaining relationships with clients.

In addition, our team boasts nearly 50 years of experience, and a solid background in project management, training, supervision, and quality assurance. We are not simple technicians with no practical, ‘real-world’ experience – we are real safety management experts.

Comprehensive Safety Management Program

Because of our extensive knowledge and reputable track record, our safety management consultants can provide a range of common sense, practical solutions to address the real safety issues faced by today’s businesses. These include process safety inspection and safety culture assessment.

We review the safety of the business, evaluate risks and develop a plan to control them. Our consultants will work with each client to conduct an initial assessment of the workplace, and develop policies and procedures accordingly.

Through these, we can help businesses prepare for and meet regulatory requirements, protect their operation and reputation, and improve processes to keep employees and the public safe. As a long-term result, our service will also integrate safety management in the client’s day-to-day core operations.

Suits Virtually Any Organisation

Our practical, and more importantly achievable, safety management solutions suit nearly any organisation. Whether the client is in the mining and offshore oil and gas, industrial, infrastructure, commercial, property, or local and federal government sectors, our solutions are feasible and easy to apply.

Our service is also suitable for businesses that do not have a health and safety manager, or businesses that aim to comply with their duties under the health and safety standards.

We believe that all accidents in the workplace can be prevented. If you are looking for safety management experts, call EOSH Consulting today to discuss your project.