Workplace-Safety-Audit-200x300An inspection of the workplace is essential for creating long term and sustainable improvements to workers safety and well-being. An essential element of the inspection is the identification of workplace hazards which when identified can be risk assessed in order for control measures to be put in place to reduce the risks.

Regular audit and review of an organisations safety system and safe systems of work is essential in order to maintain and promote a safer working ethos and environment.

The audit process is a tool by which an existing systems effectiveness can be readily measured against governmental and industry standards, best practice and identify gaps and areas for improvement.

The objective of the workplace audit is to identify key risk issues within the buildings in relation to occupational health and safety and determine the status of compliance.

Eosh reports will prioritise the risks and detail the recommendations to rectify areas of non-compliance with the objective to:

  • Identify workplace hazards
  • Assess the level of risk
  • Identify and assess management and maintenance systems
  • Provide a plan of action to eliminate or control risk and improve management systems
  • Provide timelines for the action recommendations.

Experienced Eosh Health and Safety Consultants work closely with clients and their workforce in order to learn of the processes in action in the workplace and identify known safety issues and concerns. Eosh will conduct detailed hazard identification and risk assessments in the workplace with required actions listed and prioritised within a Safety Action Plan developed in order to formalise a timeline for actions and controls to be implemented.

Contractor Management

To ensure safe and efficient operation of workplaces, it is vital that contractors operating on those sites meet the safety compliance requirements of their individual States OH&S Acts and Regulations and any site-specific requirements in place.

Eosh provide assistance to our clients by means of an assessment and audit process designed to evaluate a contractors OHS system from procedures and documentation through to internal training processes and implementation. Eosh health and safety consultants can attend sites where required to oversee and manage contractors during works to ensure compliance with the safety systems in place.