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Are you looking for an air monitoring consultant to make sure that the air circulating around you is safe? At Eosh Consulting, we pride ourselves in delivering excellent results. We make sure that our air monitoring tests are accurate so you can work and live worry-free.

Air monitoring consultantsSo you may ask when do you need an air monitoring consultant? You will definitely need the services of an air monitoring consultant when you are in the process of removing asbestos in your building or in your home. It is important to have your surroundings be checked by an air monitoring consultant to make sure that the safety measures during that time are effective. After you have removed materials that contain asbestos, it is best to have the air monitoring consultant check if there are still asbestos fibres lying around. Keep in mind that it is mandatory to conduct air monitoring when work is being done on friable asbestos or when it is being removed.

Before any type of asbestos-related job is carried out, personal monitoring is done to ensure that the personnel who will work on removing asbestos have functioning equipment. This also ensures that the respiratory protective equipment (RPE) is being used correctly and that the person is fully protected against any asbestos fibre.

There are actually different types or stages of asbestos air monitoring. Part of the job of an air monitoring consultant in Perth is to do background monitoring. This is done before the actual removal of asbestos. This will test if asbestos fibres are already present before any type of work is done.

Leak monitoring will also be done by the air monitoring consultant in Perth. This is usually performed during the removal of asbestos or any work that will possibly disrupt asbestos-containing materials. This is to ensure that the control measures in place are effective. By doing this, people will be alerted if asbestos fibres are spreading to areas where it should not be present.

After asbestos removal or after doing construction work that possibly disturbed asbestos-containing materials, the air monitoring consultant in Perth will perform clearance monitoring. This is done to check if there is still asbestos present in the air after asbestos removal. The air monitoring consultant in Perth will not allow any person to re-enter the area if the person does not have the necessary safety gear and mask. Clearance will only be given after checking that the area is safe. It is only after the clearance is given will people be allowed to re-enter the area.

At Eosh Consulting we can guarantee that our air monitoring consultants in Perth have the necessary trainings for the job at hand. Not only that, all our monitoring consultants have worked with a number of asbestos-related projects in the past and are highly experienced in this field. We make sure that our consultants have continued training to make sure that they are up to date with today’s standards.

We have serviced different industries like mining, oil and gas, and even government offices. These companies continue to avail of our services because they know how we value them as our client. We offer services that cater to their specific needs making sure that their business requirements are being met. Our Perth air monitoring consultants are flexible and will work with your schedule. We make sure that we support your business in the best way we can.

When you avail the services of our Perth air monitoring consultant, we make your safety as our primary concern. We do not want to put anyone in danger and make sure that we follow the safety standards. We see to it that we give you honest monitoring results every single time. We understand that you take your employee’s or family’s welfare seriously. That is why we take no shortcuts just to ensure everyone’s safety. In every job that we do we make sure that we meet Australian standards and follow any local legislative requirements.

If you want to avail the services of a Perth air monitoring consultant or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us. We have qualified Perth air monitoring consultants on standby and ready to take on any monitoring tasks.

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