Three Reasons Why You Should Consider an Asbestos Audit

Asbestos Removers

Since asbestos has been shown to cause illnesses including asbestosis and cancer, people have been wary of it. The cheap material is a great insulator and was integrated into many buildings years before it was discovered how dangerous it was. For many structures in Perth, asbestos remains an integral part of the structure.

Here, we list three indicators that your home or building might have asbestos in the walls, ceiling or roof. If the items on this list apply to your structure, professionals from companies such as EOSH Consulting can assess your building or home for contamination. If they find traces of asbestos, they can also be hired for asbestos disposal Perth-wide.

Bituminous Corrugated Roofing

This kind of roofing often contains a significant amount of asbestos.

Structures Built in the 1980s or Earlier

If your home was built in the 1980s or before, it is likely there is asbestos in your home. The material was so popular that it could have been incorporated into your walls, ceilings, pipe cement or even tiles.

9-inch Tiles

Is the floor of your home or building finished with 9x9-inch tiles? These vinyl pieces are likely to have asbestos in them. If the tiles were laid in the 1980s or before, asbestos is likely to have been used in their construction.

Get it Tested

The truth of the matter is that there is no way to tell if asbestos is present in your home or building just by looking. Asbestos was only totally banned in Australia in 2003, and the material might have been incorporated into your home in a variety of ways. Ordering the proper laboratory test can help confirm your suspicions.

Before you panic, be assured that asbestos that’s firmly in place and intact will not cause harm. The problem only arises when the material is loose and starts polluting the air. Professionals from our firm can help detect asbestos in your home and give sound advice about whether any action is required.