Work Asbestos Exposure: Are You Exposed?

Asbestos Exposure

We’ve all heard how construction workers, industrial workers, and firefighters are the occupations that are most at risk of exposure to asbestos. Electricians, HVAC mechanics and plumbers may also be exposed to asbestos when they work in old buildings.

But these aren’t the only jobs where you risk being exposed. It isn’t just the nature of the job; you should consider the type of workplace too. Here are some questions for you to consider:

When was your building built?

Asbestos was banned from use in 2003. Before the ban, it was widely used in construction as an insulator. It was used in walls and other building components because of its fire-resistant and waterproofing properties. So, any building built before the December 2003 ban may have asbestos. As a precaution, also be aware of asbestos in structures built soon after the ban, since some builders might not have immediately complied with the new regulation.

Were Any Extensions or Refurbishment carried out on the building?

The government’s code of practice cautions that even if the original building was asbestos-free, additional checks are necessary on any subsequent extensions or refurbishment prior to the ban. Although all work up to 2003 should be considered, the guidelines emphasise checks to additional work carried out before 1990.

What are your facilities made of?

Asbestos was used in many construction materials, such as cement sheets and vinyl tiles. If your roofing is made of corrugated cement sheeting or your bathrooms have vinyl tiles, you may have an asbestos problem.

Not sure about the history of your building? The safest course of action is to have an asbestos inspection. EOSH Consulting is a leading provider of asbestos risk management solutions in Perth. Should our test results reveal that your workplace has asbestos, we also offer asbestos removal services.

Keep your employees safe and your business compliant with government regulations. Contact us today for complete asbestos management services.